Pesto Orzzzzzzzoooo

I thought I’d share a recipe I made yesterday that turned out awesome! I’ve never cooked with orzo before, so I bought a bag when I saw it at the store and thought I’d give it a IMG_3063.JPGtry. If you don’t know what it is, it is essentially pasta shaped like rice. It was interesting cooking it, because when I used the whole bag, I didn’t realize it was going to get a little gummy if I let it boil too long….’cause that’s what happened 🙂 Cooking is always a learning experiment for me! Sometimes I learn my lesson, other times not so much. I ended up making waaaaaay to much as usual, but I love leftovers so this should tide me over for a few days! Here’s the really simple recipe (for bulk): 1 small bag of orzo, 3/4 jar of pesto, 1 can of peas, half quart of cherry tomatoes (sliced and diced). Cook the orzo for about 10-15 minutes (be mindful it’s not getting gummy or stuck to the bottom of the pan). Drain water. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Simple. Awesome. Good. Try it out! I made it as a side dish with salmon last night, tonight I will try adding it to some pan fried shrimp! Enjoy!


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