Easy Street Tacos at Home

Nom Nom Nom. Just looking at this picture makes me hungry again. I made these street tacos in 10 minutes, with a different type of protein than you’d expect.img_2591 Since I’ve gone pescatarian (and back again), I like to find alternatives to chicken, pork, and beef. These tacos are made with some left over tofurky sausage. I really like how I can experiment with different textures and flavors, instead of the same ole, same ole. The tofurky sausage was a little more sodium-laced than I like, but it was worth a shot! These came out pretty good with a really quick prep time. I pan fried the sausage, then added southwestern pico (pico with corn and beans), sprinkles of cheese, kale, and cilantro, with a little avocado of course! They really turned out great! A nice trick I used on the tacos was to place them on a hot burner (about 5 seconds on each side) to give them a nice, fresh of the griddle taste. I don’t know where I learned that from (my mom maybe?), but hey it works! Yum yum fresh tacos for a quick dinner at home. Viola!


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