Sauceless Pizzzzzza

Hola! Summer is flying by already! It’s been pretty warm around these parts lately, so eating light seems to hit the spot lately. In honor of that, here is what’s for dinner tonight! Sorry for the big pic, but it was good I had to make it super-sized :-).IMG_2287

So what’s all on this puppy? Well first of all it’s not entirely homemade. I can’t do crust. Seriously. It was tragic the last time I did. So this is a store-bought crust. It works! So I started with a layer of green and red peppers, banana peppers, and red onions. Next layer was fresh spinach and radishes. Then thinly sliced tomatoes and fresh garlic. Finally fresh sliced mozzarella, Italian seasoning, and some olive oil. Cooked for 20 minutes in the oven on a cookie sheet, and viola! Yummy sauceless pizza!!!! Why sauceless you ask? Well canned sauces contain generally a lot of added sugar, and extra calories. I like fresh tomatoes more, but you could use sauce if you wanted. P.S….my crust always turns out a little soggy. I’m not sure how to avoid this. Even when I’ve used sauce before it turned out that way. Any tips on how to avoid that? Let me know! Cheers friends!


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