Toast…with a Side of Avocado

avocado toast

This was such a yummy dish, I had to make the picture the very first thing you saw, so you can see why I enjoyed it so much! I wanted to share something that was super easy and probably something I’ll make a staple of mine because it was just that darn good.

Avocado toast is all the rage right now. I had never heard of it, probably because I was in self-exile from social media. It’s amazing what you miss and what you don’t when you leave the Internet behind for a bit. Sadly this was one of those things! Avocado on anything is heaven, but on toast it’s really the bee’s knees. Haha.

To be honest, I really made this as an open-faced sandwich for lunch, when I was looking for an alternative to lunch meat. I had some spinach, and I thought what could I do with this? Well this is what I came up with. Toasted the bread, threw some spinach on top with some pico de gallo and a little goat cheese. I put it in the toaster for maybe 5 minutes to warm it a bit more, then cut up some avocado on the side. It was AWESOME! I think to add a little something more next time, I might use some balsamic dressing. Sounds good I think!

Any versions of avocado toast you’ve tried? Let me know and I’d love to try it with you 🙂


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