Giving Eggplant Another Shot…

So if you follow my blog, you know I like to try new foods all the time! This time I thought I’d give something another try that I utterly failed on before. The last time I tried to cook it…let’s just say it turned out something like this —>imgres.jpg ICK. Mushy, icky, ick , ick, ick.

So I saw a beautiful eggplant at the store and thought there has to be a better way. So I snatched one up and thought about it and looked up a few tricks to help remove the ick factor.

What I found was soooo simple…salt. YEP. Salt. So if you slice it up, and sprinkle salt on it (let it sit for 20 minutes)…the salt draws the water out. It’s simple science…but not something I had ever thought about! I was just amazed. I know, silly, but it’s the simple things in life, like drawing water off eggplant that makes me silly and happy. Getting a little personal here…but I have found simple joy in just…simple things in life lately. Things get so complicated sometimes. I’m just enjoying the little “wins” and every day blessings. 🙂

IMG_2067.JPGSo anywho, I patted the eggplant slices dry to get all the excess water off. I then made an egg wash (whipped egg), and coated the slices in bread crumbs with parmesan cheese. I baked them on tinfoil for ~20 minutes. I then topped with some low sodium canned tomatoes and goat cheese, and some with feta cheese. Instant yummy, healthy little pizzas!

<—— Let me tell you what. AMAZING! No more soggy gross eggplant! The leftovers (for 2 days mind you) NEVER got mushy. SCORE! They turned out excellent. I’m super happy I gave them another try. Hopefully you can try this too and see if it works for you. HAPPY COOKING 🙂



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