O How Life Can Change in a few Short Weeks….

Looking back at my last post, I didn’t realize how much has changed in my life since the beginning of May. My my my how times flies. Graduation was a whirlwind, but I enjoyed every second of it. My family and friends really showed me how amazing they are, and how much they support my crazy dreams. What a blessing. I also realized how much fun life can be if you just be silly, and take it all in. Being stuffy and proper just doesn’t do it for me. I like to be goofy and laughing at the little things. Keeps life exciting I think. Hence silly-faced pictures AT ALL TIMES 🙂








I also realized how much our family and friends step-up for us when we need it most. A husband with a broken ankle pretty much changes any and all plans for the summer, and at times you can let yourself feel alone, thinking no one cares. They do, if you recognize it and let them! I keep seeing this post on Facebook that nails it on the head. “People will make time for you if you’re important to them. And they pretty much won’t if you’re not.” It’s a simple life lesson really, but for me I seem to be learning it over and over again, one life event at a time. A HUGE thank you to those who continue to be there and amaze me with their love and kindness and generosity! No one has to take time out of their lives to show compassion and care to others, but what a blessing from God when they do, and what an impact it makes! A lesson I am not taking lightly myself.

Finally, cheers to a thoughtful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! 🙂


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