Week 2….Yep It’s A Countdown….

This last semester is turning into a countdown and I didn’t even plan on it! Two weeks down and I’m still standing…for now đŸ™‚

I think the most exciting and stressful part is that this first seven weeks of class I get to plan an event at a student cafe, which means dinner for 1,200 people! It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at once. Our group has decided on “Sci Fi at Sny-Phy” which means we get to geek out on space aliens and UFO’s!

I’m pretty excited to maybe try to get to play with some molecular gastronomy. What is that you might ask? It’s taking food and flipping it on its head and making something completely out of this world! It will fit great into our theme, if we can figure it out! Here are some pictures of some awesome things you can do! Probably out of our reach, but awesome ideas!


So for now I get to try to play with this and figure it all out! If it peaks your interest, you can find out more here, which is where I got the picture from. Enjoy food nerds and if you have any ideas to share, please do!


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