All About the Ladies!

So I have officially been 30 for a week now. Wow. A whole week? I know, I know. Calm down. But seriously what a week it has been. My beautiful husband took me away to Chicago for shenanigans, and then on my birthday he gave me a big surprise birthday dinner with my friends and family. I cried. Yep. It was awesome to see all these people there to show their love and support for me. At times I know we can all feel very alone, and this showed me I am never alone or far from love.

I don’t know about you but I seem to have seasons of friendships, many coming and going. I find it hard to relate to people, especially women. They are a mystery to me LOL. They really are. I parted ways with my best friend a few years back, and I thought that was really the end of female friends for me. Had my fill, no thank you.

These past two or three years has changed me. Really. I have grown, opened my heart again, and I can feel the love! From my beautiful neighbor Rachel, to my Finley’s girl Kristi, to my dietetics ladies at MSU (Lisa, Caitlyn, Michelle), my church ladies (Flor, Teresa) and my long-time CMU alum Ashleigh. These are some pretty exceptional women to first of all put up with me, and to allow me to call them my friends. Thank you ladies 🙂 This is for you 🙂

girls      IMG_1977     IMG_0457



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