Okay so I haven’t blogged in a while. No good excuse other than life has been busy as usual. This semester seems to be the hardest of my life! Who thought your senior year would be so challenging! What I have realized this time around though is it is okay to not be perfect. I could swear to you my micro and macro nutrients classes were designed so that no one can get that coveted 4.0. In actuality I see how humbling they are, in that it’s impossible to know it all and have all the answers. That’s awesome. It really is. In my previous career there seemed to be one way, black and white, cut and dry in certain ways. I guess that can be true for dietetics too, but man-o-man I am loving all this grey area. It leaves room to be human, which is really something we all ought to remember everyday.

As I write this we are headed back from a fantastic birthday weekend in our home away for home…Chicago. It was nice to get away, relax, throw back a few and have some fun. Mostly I just enjoyed my surroundings of the big city, taking an hours long walk seeing parts of Chitown I haven’t seen before. It really made me grateful for my blessings, including my amazing husband. We were very fortunate to visit our friend Teresa and go to service with her at 4th Presbyterian downtown. What a magnificent church with a great message. Thanks be to God!


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