Wanna FIght Allergies? Try Kale!

So as I was perusing the internet this morning, catching up on the news of the day, I came across a very interesting article in Women’s Health. They had suggestions for fighting Fall allergies, and one of the items to nosh on was kale. Kale? Hmmm. I guess I never really thought about eating veggies to help with allergies. But as I learn delve more into nutrition and healing with food, it makes sense! I have the self-proclaimed “immune system of a mosquito” so finding foods (and NOT medications) that can help me is awesome! I hate running to the pharmacy or doctor when I get a sniffle or sneeze. Who does? I especially hate it, since I tend to get VERY sick whenever I catch something. Like a full week of antibiotics sick.

This last week though, I think I have noticed how healthier eating can help me heal! I came down with a nasty head cold just before my first test of the semester last week. Go figure. Probably stress, probably the girl sitting next to me at Sparty’s hacking everywhere. Just my luck. Instead of running to urgent care, I made sure to stock up on goodies like OJ, apples, and bananas. I did not eat any comfort foods, with added sodium or tons of fat. I really tried to keep eating the good stuff. Yes, I grabbed cold meds too and took cough syrup every night before bed, but hey I did something right! A week later, I feel almost 100% (still a little congested) but hey no doctor, no antibiotics! Woohoo!

Now this is not to say I shouldn’t have gone to the doctor if I got worse. Especially since there are some nasty flu viruses going around right now. Luckily this time, I seemed to have shaken this myself, which is weird for me since I always end up having to visit urgent care this time of year. I don’t know if I just got lucky this time, but I’d like to think my food choices (and lots of fluids and rest of course) helped me out!

Now back to that kale. I have some in the fridge, and it is really growing on me! I put some in a smoothie a while back, and let’s just say I won’t be doing that again. I’ll stick to salads and on sandwiches. Now that I know it may be able to help with Fall allergies, that’s even more of an incentive to nibble on it today! For anyone wondering why kale is so great, here’s the nerdy part of it from Women’s Health:  “it’s rich in the carotenoid department, packing a form of vitamin A thought to improve allergy symptoms. A number of studies have shown that people with low vitamin A stores are more likely to have asthma and allergy problems.” So eat your vitamin A today Fall allergy friends!



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