Let’s Get Back to It!

Okay. Here goes. This is scary. Back into an online presence….. Wow. I took a really long break from this. Something in me broke, but now it has been renewed. Now I need an outlet to share the happiness and joys in my life, and maybe touch a few others along the way. If you didn’t know it before, I love to write. It has always been something that I love to do, and I translated that into a successful news producing career. That career path, however, was not what God had intended for me….not for the long run anyway. What is the ultimate PLAN? I am still working on that, but I do know it is in nutrition, and spreading my love of food and healthy eating to the world.

Now in my senior year at MSU in the dietetics program, I find that I want to dig back into my writing roots and use it to help propel me forward. I could look at my first go-round in education as a failure, as I am sure some might think. I gave up and didn’t give it a chance. I disagree. I flourished, succeeded, failed, cried, and yes…. broke along the way. Most importantly, I laid a foundation. A foundation of courage and strength, and a vision of hope for the future. I want to help people, not exploit them. I want to nourish and encourage others, not bring them down and hurt them. This is the new path that I am blazing, with the guidance of my LORD and with the encouragement of my AMAZING husband, family, friends, and my new church family.

So for whoever takes the time to sit down and read this, thank you! I look forward to posting my new experiences, frustrations, happiness, and sadness with you! Writing it down and letting it out is beyond cathartic! Sprinkled with a little humor and some fun recipes and ideas…..I think I will settle right back into the swing of writing and blogging. Here goes!


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